Thursday, October 16, 2008

Camp Suki

Camp Suki is located at #88 4th Street, New Manila, Quezon City (Telephone # +63 2 7250819). It's a great place to rent costumes and formal wear for themed events. Needless to say, they get really busy near the Halloween season.
The rental costs 700 pesos per day but you need to make a deposit of 1000 pesos which will be returned to you when you return the costume.


Anonymous said...

ang mahal naman ng rental hmm pwede ba bumili?

Anonymous said...

grbe naman ang mahal tlga ng rental..what if may mga kasama ako na gusto magrent?..may discount ba ako?..pls reply to me

Anonymous said...

i agree with the two other comments na mahal nga talaga yung rent.. but, i have no choice eh.. i really need costumes right away for the school play.. oh my gosh!wala bang student discount?!?!